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Radiate natural beauty with our body wavy virgin weave extensions. Achieve any hairstyle with this body wavy has natural texture and color. We take pride in Look18 products and guarantee that you'll absolutely love our high-quality extensions with natural, untouched tresses.

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You get our bulk hair in the most natural look. These hairs are collected from South Indian Hindu temples and left without any processing. This means that these are 100% virgin Indian human Remy hair. They come in different lengths as natural hair grows. These hairs are single drawn. It comes to you with the cuticle in perfect condition in every hair.


We are the manufacturer for bulk hair. You can get the best quality hair from us with the cuticle aligned in the same direction in each strand. These will come to you as loose hairs just held together with a single string.


If you are one of those experts working with hair and a quality wig maker or braider, then the hairs from LOOK 18 Hair is best suited for you. They are of the best quality and come at affordable prices.


Sourced from Indian Temple


Our Indian Hair Production House


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Bulk Hair Natural Wavy

Frequently Asked Questions

A:Cuticle is the most essential outer layer of the hair; it is the scaly outer layer of the hair. It is this scaly outer layer that gives the hair its shine/luster and bounciness. When the hair strand is attached to your scalp, all layers including the cuticle will be getting its nourishment from your body. But when the hair strand is detached from the scalp, it is no longer getting any nutrition from the body. So, the outer scaly layer has a tendency to dry up fast, it becomes very sensitive to the kind of water/shampoo/conditioner you use to wash the hair. Anything strong would make your hair unmanageable. It is very important to prevent the cuticles from opening up, this you do by adequately moisturizing it by using hair serums, reducing the frequency of hair wash as much as possible

A:There is NO MOQ you can order as much as you want

A:Bulk hair comes with 10-33 length each bundles from single donors head

A:Bulk hair is loose hair without a weft, which is why it is shipped, tied in a bundle to keep it together. Please go to a professional when getting your hair braided with virgin Indian bulk hair. It is not the same as store bought hair and will tangle if not braided with root end up.

A:With proper care and maintenance your hair can long last. Remy Virgin hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it for it to last longer. Many hair extensions prefer Indian hair because it is beautiful and unprocessed which makes it last longer than any other kind of hair.

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Care & Maintenance

Wash hair backwards in a shower or a bath. Sulphate can loosen the joins on all hair extensions installation techniques, shampoo and rinse as normal. Condition hair well and then use soft bristle brush and brush from tip to top to prevent tangling and then rinse conditioner very well.

Avoid - using sulphate shampoos. oils or silicone-based products, on your hair extensions, specifically near the attachments.

Brushing - You must brush from tip to root very well. You have to brush hair to keep bonding separate and to prevent tangling around bonds.

Sleeping - 1. Never go to bed while your hair extensions are wet. Wet hair extensions will bunch up and tangle. 2. Best to plat or braid your hair every night before sleeping


Harris peter Texas

- 2 months ago

the best hair I've seen, it's amazing the texture, the smell, 100% human hair

Jeff james Polland

- 3 months ago

his hair is nice and authentic. Will buy more!??????????